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It was a pleasure working with Gus and Mo. They pay attention to every detail and were very accommodating with our web site. They went above and beyond to make sure that the site was exactly what I had envisioned. I would highly recommend Web Designer Express to any one who is looking for a professional web designer. The site was created very quickly and changes that I wanted made where done immediately. Within three months my web site was on the first page of Google. Thank Gus and Mo!

Jonathan Cuesta
Miami, FL - Dade Construction Corp (Web Designer Express Customers for over 10 years)


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Your website is your face online! Do you know the saying first impressions is the one that counts? It’s true. If your website needs an update, our designers would like nothing more that to bring you up date not only with the design, but also with search engines.

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You might not know but the internet started way back in 1983. Well, let us explain this a little more. ARPANET adopted TCP/IP on January 1, 1983, and from there researchers began to assemble the "network of networks" that became the modern Internet. The online world then took on a more recognizable form in 1990, when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (Internet)! We have been working it since the begging. Our first website as a company was built in 1996. We were then stablished! Today we count over 10,000 customers, Over 55,000 web pages designed, Over 4500 online stores and Over 1500 Brands Start Ups. We are small enough to give you personal attention, you can talk to designers and developers anytime, you can also connect with your web designer directly so you can physically see him working on your project if you want to. But, we are also large enough where fortune 500 companies trust us to build their website and online brand.


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Experience, experience and experice! Trust us, this matters to you and your business. If you think you can trust a company that doesn’t have lot of experience this is a terrible mistake. You are laying it all on the table when you hire a web design company. The company you hire will be responsive for your online success. Since we have been in busines for so long, most likely we have already worked in your industry field, and if not we will demand that you dominate your space and stand out from all other companies.

Website that focus on conversion! Our websites - besides being amazing looking - have one main goal. To convert your visitors to customers, we have dedicated our entire company’s life to study how customer think and look for online. This allows us to create a website that will engage the visitors of our website to make the next step from just visiting. This can be a phone call, web form, making a purchase and so on. To us nothing is more important that converting visitors to customer!

Design Look and Feel is where you will see that we stand out from other companies. We encorate you to visit our portfolio to see that every website created by us have been custom made to taylor each client request (portfolio). Every business is different, and why should your busienss have the same look and feel than other? If you are ok with having a boring, cookie-cutter website we are not the right company for you. We only complete websites that we are proud of, we have a saying in our office that if we are not proud of that website we don’t allow your clients to even see it. Another important note is that we have unlimited revisions on the design! Yes that is correct, most companies offers 2 or 3 revisions while we offer unlimited revisions to assure you get the design done exactly the way you want it! Not only that, you will not find another custom web design company starting at $299 anywhere else!

Total compatibility and optimization for not only mobile devices but all. Did you know that online searchs has now exceed 65% on mobile devices. Needeless to say that having your website mobile compatible is not only needed but a requirement for your online success today. We offer packages to get you 100% ready for all devices our there including mobile phones and tablets.

Customer Testimonials we also encorage you to see what our clients are saying about us, (reviews) to see our customers revies. We are proud to say that we have clients for as long as we've been in business. Here are some statistics for you; most of our client have been with us over 5 years, 45% have been with us over 10 years and 20% have been with us over 15 years we are nothing without our customers and we have too way many referrals for you if needed! :-)

Properly built and structured for SEO. We focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) more than any other web design company. As a google partner we have to obligation to you to provide the best possible website service in the industry and we are commited to do so. When creating a website is important to create a search engines friendly website and our designers and developers focus on building your website to maximize its online exposure. Every website we build meets the latest requirements for top ranking position with Google, Bing, Yahoo and all major search engines.

Social Media nowadays is just as important as a website. Did you know that search engines takes in consideration how active your social media page is? It also determines if you have a social media page or not. Its not an option to have it anymore, its a must. However it must be created correctly. You can’t just create your business account with your personal account, you must separate them both for you to maximize its benefits. Also, when we build your website we connect both so they share info with each other increasing your online relevancy and showing superiority over your competitors.

Access to our Team this is a huge one! You may talk, video chat and screen share with your designers and developer directly. Most companies do not allow you to even think about this. We do it because we have nothing to hide! Most companies don’t allow this because they are just buying a template for you and changing your logo. We are giving you a customized, affordable website design, and you get to talk directly to your designer so he/she can really understand your taste and capture it on the design we are trying to make. And in doing so our team is designing for you a true custom site. Not only that, you are also assigned a project manager that oversees everything you ask for and makes sure that its done correctly. You have the best of both worlds and its all your personal preference. Another option you have is if you are near one or our locations you can physically sit and talk/design with the designer anythine you choose to. Other companies do not allow this as they, most of the time, outsource their work! And you will be surprise how many outsource to us. We do over 300 white label projects per year for other web design agencies all over the United States. So, now that you have found us you are dealing directly with the source, no more middleman!

Custom Website VS Templates here is your big advantage! Why would you settle yourself down to a template when you can build a custom website that is designed only for you and your business? Price used to be the biggest issue but not any longer. We pride ourselves in being a very affordable web design company, with prices to that meet all customers demands and every website we build is 100% custom to your requerements. Using a template design means that other companies most like in your industry will have the same website as yours. Not to mention the limitations you have with a template website. Going custom is the way to go as you have zero limitation and can get anything you want designed just the way you envision.

Unlimited Revisions, yes that is correct. We are so confident in our designs skills that we offer unlimited revisions in all or our web designs. Most likely you will not even need to worry about this as 95% of all our designs gets approved in the first draft and 99% gets approved on the 2nd.

Never Outsource to anyone! Every project we do is 100% build in house. Every web designer and web developer that works on your project is inhouse. We DO NOT outsource any of our work to anyone. As a matter of fact most companies outsource to us. You will be surprised of how many companies choose us to build their projects because of great quality of our work and we have the knowledge of making everything custom where most companies just use templates or premade platforms such as wordpress, joomla and many other out there.

Bottom line is PRICE! We are by far the most affordable website design company available online for the level of quality we provide to our customers. Image a custom built online store starting at @2500 (see prices page) - this is unheard of! The reason we are able to do this is because we are the source. We have the team power and the knowledge to do this for much less the other companies can. We can guarante you will be getting the best web design company starting at $299 out there.

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