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Fraud Protection for Ecommerce and Online Stores.

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Online fraudulent credit cards is one of the biggest challenges that every merchant is presented with today. Stolen credit cards information are all over the Internet and it can become a real big hassle just to check in detail every transaction your website has. Imagine if you have to check every order placed in your ecommerce website - you'd spend more time doing this actually managing your business.

Some business owners place all their thrust into their payment gateway thinking that "if the payment gateway accepted the transaction it all should be OK". The problem is that at the time the credit card is sent to payment gateway they have very little time and information to check the credit card before they can accept or deny the transaction. Besides, the person using the fraudulent credit card may be using all the correct information when the transaction is submitted and is not until the real owner find the problem that any action is taken. More often than anyone would like this happen after the merchant has already shipped the ordered items.

In that case who to trust?

You should start with the information you have at hand and use common sense. If ayn order look suspicious you can always give the customer a phone call and verify their identity. If the customer is legitimate they won't be upset that you have called them to make sure their information is being used well.

Other points that make a transaction suspicious :

  • The billing and shipping address are different.
  • The IP address information on the order does not correspond with the country in the shipping address. For more information about IP addresses you can visit the following websites and enter an IP address there.
  • Several different orders shipping to the same person
  • Several orders to the same person with different shipping addresses.
  • The order was place for an unusual high value.

Besides that what else can be done?

Here is where the software you have running your ecommerce or online store should be able to help you. You should have a mechanism or functionalities built into your site in order to check a lot of other aspects of the transactions while it happen on the fly. Your software should be able, based on the algorithm, to know how suspicious each transaction is and set some kind of rating based on the results. That will definitely give you a better idea of what to check and when.

How can I get something like this?

As you know there are all kinds of software out there to make your online store and we've expressed before you need to make sure the one you'll use give you all the security and tools you need to avoid these kind f problems.

We at Web Designer Express have the ability to create anything you need to run your online business and a tool like the one described before is set by default with all our ecommerces websites . We know this tool is something all our current customers appreciate and it truly became a must have tool. Our algorithm take all the above into consideration and much more. Thankfully we have been in this market for a long time. And since experience is something you can't buy, we have seen all kinds of fraud and we have taken care to create a tool that really brings you the protection and peace in mind we've experienced we and our customers needed. Once something is marked as suspicious by our algorithms you will need to double check that transaction and void it if something sounds fishy. It is always better to have a happy customer that a charge back.

Let an experienced team build you next online business, don't allow anyone to sell you something insecure and unstable and, above all, make sure you will have all the needed support you'll need in the future.

We are not here to make your website and run, we are looking to have a long and mutually prosperous relationship with all our customers. That is why we offer all kind of solutions for your online business. For more information check our services page or give us a call 305.386.9003. You can also see our customers reviews to learn more about the experience they have while working with us.

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