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How to use YouTube as a marketing tool

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As most of you might already know youtube is the biggest, fastest and widest known video platform out there and since their inception, they've been a complete success. The idea to bring videos to the web was mostly laughed at by many until Youtube came out and had the success continues to show.

That is the reason everyone online has an eye on it and you should too. There is not only excellent cinematography to see, but every once in a while it is a great place to put information about your product and services and explain why people should use/buy them.

Many of out clients come to us with little to no knowledge about all the options the Internet can offer, and once they start to realize the full scope and large potential it can provide, their most typical reaction is to get overwhelmed with the many options, ideas of what they can accomplish. This is where we try to divide all these ideas into steps and create a strategy based on it. However, when the topic of Youtube comes up, the reactions are usually polarized; they are either excited or underwhelmed at the prospect of creating videos. And once we explain all the needs, benefits and downsides for it to work correctly, the feelings usually comes to them again.

Of course, everyone is looking for the best production and a better video. These will undoubtedly give you a better ROI, and they usually tend to get more views and be better received. It's a fact that the more time you put on production, the better result you'll have and more views you'll get on Youtube. However, its is always better to have a video without the best production that having no video at all.

So please, don't focus entirely too much on the quality of the video, start by something, and then you'll be able to grow from there. Make sure your content is unique, original and try to always explain your products and services in a clear and concise way. You may be an expert on what you do, but your customers don't necessarily have to.

Also, try to avoid making your videos as a commercial you would see on TV. The best videos are usually very simple, and their enhancement has more to do with a quality of content than with the amount of graphics and CGI you put on it.

Always Respond:

Always reply to the comments on your videos, doesn't matter how ridiculous they may seem to you, to someone without your knowledge they may be real. What's more, this person might become a potential client depending on how you respond. Also, try not to fall for the trolls on YouTube, there will always have people trying to make fun of you, waste your time or bring you down. Don't fall for it and, eventually, they will get tired and move away.


Make sure you always include your best keywords in the video description, title and any other possible way you can, even in replies to comments if it makes sense. This is an excellent method that is not much used but should always be taken into consideration.

Take your time:

Don't rush into editing a video or replying to your video's comments. Make sure what you say is always correct and try to explain and help as much as you can.

By following these simple guidelines in a short amount of time you'll be able to see an increase in your visits, subscriptions, and sales. As the old saying goes, “Just Do It and stop looking for excuses"...

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