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Real Estate Web Development and IDX/MLS integrations

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As we all know the real estate market is always changing and enhancing itself and even more if you talk about real estate web development and online marketing. From the biggest real estate related websites to every agent in the market everyone is constantly innovating and improving their visibility online. Lead generation is the most wanted goal and every one is looking to score, competition is fierce and many companies pay high prices for leads and information about possible new customers.

Create a marketing plan for real estate is something many people walk away from, the constant changing of the market and the competition make many agents look away and place their bets into any other method even when they are proved not to be great. This give the advantage to other people looking to improve and get better and believe it or not there is plenty space in todays online market for anyone looking to score.

There is plenty places online that promote ideas and tips for this market but there is very few companies with the knowledge and experience to approach all the real estate web development and online marketing needed to succeed.

Here is an small list of proven-to-work recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Facebook & Instagram: Social media is the place where many of your future clients will be for a good part of the day, and there is where your attention should be. A facebook/instagram campaign can be set up for very little money and you can target your clients in many different ways, including geographical locations
  • Pinterest: This social network is the best place for you to display your properties to many future customers, just make sure you take nice pictures and create a friendly profile.
  • Videos: This always being the best method to keep visitors on your website and it is proven to work as well for real estate. Trailers videos, Informational videos and data driven videos are the most recommended types of videos for you to attract and keep visitors engaged in your website.
  • Clients testimonials: Testimonials and reviews is a way for you to let your customers know the experience other customers had with you and how good your services are, all this while enhancing your online reputation can be a wonderful and often over looked option.
  • Maintain a Blog: Articles and blog posts are the best way for you to have a lot of content on your website without compromise the integrity of your focus and also a great way to bring interested visitors to your website. It is also a great tool for online reputation. Also it is recommended to create port that answer client's questions, Google will like these kind of posts aver anything else and will rank it better.
  • Email Campaigns: For a long time email campaigns had being put in the back burner for real estate but it is a proven tool that work great and a good email list is an amazing commodity for any marketer today.
  • Invest into Photos: A nice photograph can make or break a deal online and it is something you should always take in consideration. Inverting in a professional photographer to take your listings photos is always a good idea.
  • Market Reports: A valuable real estate marketing idea would be to create a local market report for the markets you handle. Include data points like rentable square footage (RSF), average rent prices, vacancy data, absorption rates and any significant transactions. Highlight it on your website as a monthly (or quarterly) feature and you will surely generate more eyeballs and interested readers.

All the above tips are great and it is something to always plan for, but besides all that, you need to have a website where all your information, properties and articles will be displayed and a place to redirect your customers to from email campaigns and social media. Your website has to be able to handle your listings and provide you with all the tools you need in order to make your work easy and fast.

Real Estate Web Development with IDX and MLS Integrations

IDX and MLS integration as an option are a most. This integration will provide you with a great tool and free to time into focusing on your clients and closing deals. Once your listing are synchronized with your IDX account all of them will be automatically added to your website and in case you need to make changes on them those changes will be reflected into your website automatically. That for sure will make your live a lot easier.

Real Estate Software to Feed Properties Information to Zillow and Trulia

In today's market these are the two giants that handle most of the traffic on the Internet for real estate and you need to be there! Depending on where you are located they may or may not sync information with your regional IDX and that is something you need to know, in case they don't provide this services in your area they will provide you with a feed where you can submit all your properties information to them for then to be listed in your website. Make sure the company doing your real estate web development know this and do the feed correctly, there is many requirements to meet and if something is overlooked or not done right there will be not listing of your properties there...

Real Estate Property Maps

Something else to take in consideration are your properties maps. There is a lot of information you can provide to your customers around an area or property that they will surely appreciate and it wont cost you anything. Make sure each of your properties include maps and street views not only with the property information but also it's surroundings, customers will spend more time looking into your properties and that eventually will call their attention over a property or deal and generate more and better leads.


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