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What is best? Online Marketing or Yellow Pages Advertising

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Hi, there.  I am the senior chief officer of sales and marketing here in WebDesignerExpress.com and WebDesignEnterprise.com! I deal with hundreds of clients every day and one of the most common questions I get is! Why is better? Online Marketing or Running and ad in the yellow pages? Below you will see why online marketing is 1000% better than any print advertising you can do.

Cost Effective, It last longer, greater visibility and Eco-Friendly!

When was the last time you picked up a heavy phone book to look for a business in your local area? Search Engines such as Google is now replacing the yellow-pages as the local business directory and search method of choice. Today, more than ever, consumers are replacing that printed local yellow phone book with the Internet, for local business searching, despite what the yellow-page publishers will admit. Local small to medium size businesses are just beginning to wake-up to this and are doing whatever they can to create a presence on the web.

Marketing your business online is all about your position in search results. WDE Corp will assist potential customers in finding information about your business when they search for local business categories like yours in popular search engines like Google! and other search engines, not to mention the immeasurable amount of emerging local web directories and business review sites?

Well, for hundreds of thousands of local small to medium size businesses throughout Florida and the greater North America, the answer came in and its Call us at WebDesignerExpress.com!

How much does it online marketing cost?

This is the number one question in our clients mind! Most printed advertising run from $200 to $500 per print. Let me explain that a little better. Lets say you want to use The Flyer, or maybe The Clipper Magazine! A front cover of The Flyer will cost you $500 per city! The Clipper Magazine will cost you $650 this is what you get for this price.  Your ad on the front cover of the magazine and distribution of the magazine in that city! That is IT! It only runs one time, if you customer don't ready it and throw it away you just waisted your money! This magazines has a great strategics for their business. They tell you must run more than one time and lock you on the contract for that!

Now Online marketing with WebDesignerExpress.com works like this! We charge you to optimize your website for local searches in only cost $500 per county! You can have up to 10 keywords.  The online marketing for local searches normally last 1 and a half year!!! versus 1 week from the magazines you see above. As you can see there is absolutely no competition between the 2.  We hope this article open your eyes on online marketing, if you are running print ads please do yourself a favorite and stop wasting your MONEY! Call us today to find our more information, it will be a pleasure to talk to you!

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