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Which is better PayPal Shopping Cart or Authorize.net Shopping Cart?

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Which is better... PayPal Shopping Cart or Authorize.net Shopping Cart?

As a certified web developer for both, PayPal Shopping Cart and Authorize.net Shopping Cart WebDesignerExpress.com is a reliable e-commerce web development company you can trust. WebDesignerExpress.com has been creating online stores for over 10 years and we are very familiar with both merchant accounts. Below is what we think of both merchants.

About PayPal Shopping Cart

PayPal is great, I personally love it. It is free, easy to use, and there is no monthly fee.  It is a perfect solution for many of our customers.  Like anything it does have its flaws, and there are technical difficulties sometimes, at times it works, others it does not. Let me give you and example; let's say you sell clothes online, and you have a PayPal Shopping Cart as your main merchant, and I (your customer) don't have a PayPal account. Well I don't necessary need one to use the merchant terminal. I will be able to just use the merchant terminal with my credit card without having to log in or create a PayPal account.  However, if I (again your customer) make any type of mistake filling out the online form like a wrong zip code, or a wrong address number or even a simple mistake as using small caps instead of upper case, the PayPal merchant will not accept my payment. It will give an error saying that the credit card is not valid. Unfortunately many clients are lost while trying to figure out what the problem is.  It is ultimately an inconvenience for some. Other customers really appreciate it because of the security. It is up to you to remind your customers to input all the information correctly.

My Recommendation to you, if you are a small business or lets say you are starting out as a new online store, PayPal is your best bet. It is free, it works and you can start making sales in as little as one hour after the account is active. However, if you have a big store and plan on making lots of sales online, or your average sales is over $50.00 PayPal might not be for you. But, using both, PayPal and Authorize.net is a great option for your clients. Giving your clients both options will allow them to use either, if a client has a PayPal account they can just log in and submit their payments, and if not they can use Authorize.net.

About Authorize.net

WebDesignerExpress.com is a certified web developer for Authorize.net and truly recommends it if you are serious about your online store. We use Authorize.net for our online transactions.  However, Authorize.net is NOT free. This is a professional merchant account that provide online payment gateway solutions for their customers. With that said it is the best you can get.

The Authorize.net fee can vary for different customers it will all depend on may factors. As a certified web developer for Authorize.net WebDesignerExpress.com will be able to answer all your questions about prices and fees charged by Authorize.net.

Benefits of Authorize.net.;  Honestly I have never had a complain about it, every customer loves it! Most transactions are done quickly and easy it is a hassle free merchant account. Once the customer makes the payment on your website you will receive the payment anywhere between 24 to 48 hours directly on your bank account. There is no need to go to your Authorize.net account to transfer the money to your bank account. Everything is done for you automatically. PayPal is not done this way.

Authorize.net has a monthly fee. This fee can go anywhere from $30.00 per month all the way to $75.00 per month. Authorize.net also charges per transaction, it is a very small percentage and depends on the type of credit card the customer is using to pay you.

My Recommendation is without a doubt use Authorize.net for all your transactions. Do not take the chance of loosing a customer because they are getting frustrated with the payment. Once a client makes a decision to buy from you, don't make him/her doubt or have headache when making the payment.

However the best recommendation is, if possible offer both.  There are many people who love PayPal, they have an account, have been using it for years and are very familiar with it, plus it is free. But others who are not familiar with it might rather use Authorize.net.  

Both united is the best solution for your online store.

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