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I cannot overstate the value of the people at Web Design Express. They are some of the most professional people I have ever worked with. I hired Web Design Express to create a one-of-a-kind website for my new company. I gave them my parameters and, within a few days, the infrastructure was ready to go. The process from start to finish was extremely easy. If a problem arose, the only answer I heard from the professionals at Web Design Express was "we can fix it" and then they did.... quickly. I am very fortunate to have found such great people to design my website. Web Design Express exceeded my expectation which was not an easy task! If you need a website designed, I highly recommend the people at Web Design Express. Your business depends on it.

Alex Bolivar
Miami, FL - Niagara Industries (Web Designer Express Customers for over 15 years)


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old website layout for niagara industries - outdated graphics, bad information flow
new website design featuring clean lines high resolution graphics and optimized design and keywords

Nothing like an up to date design

Your image is everything, make sure you look apart!

Did you know that you only have 1 to 2 seconds to catch your potential customer’s attention with your website design? Yes, if your website looks outdated most likely you are losing up to 45% of your visitors. Redesigning your website will not only make your company look great but will help you with your conversions and (ROI). With that in mind, updating your website will also lead you to better search engine rankings. If your rankings has drop lately this could also be because of an outdated design and code that is not up to the search engines requirements.

Being local in the South Florida area has advantages

Located in the heart of Miami, Florida!

We are a florida born company! Located in south Florida Web Designer Express started with its roots in Miami and continues here today. Unlike other companies we do not outsource anything to anyone. Everything we do is 100% built in our headquaters. Our company philosophy is never ever outsource! You are always welcome to speak with us on the phone but also meet our designers and developers anytime by visiting our location, we can even come to you if requested. Our company is located in Miami you can see directions to our location here.

from the start until today Web Designer Express proudly located in the heart of beautiful Miami, Florida

An affordable web design company

Well, lets be very honest, we are very affordable but we are not cheap. If you compare apples to apples with the type of work we provide againts other companies, we are very, very cheap. We do not believe a website should cost you more money just because your business makes alot of money. We are honest with you from the beginning unlike other companies. Your project is always based on your requirements and not how much money your company makes. Every website we build is 100% custom build to your request with unlimited revision assuring you will get the look and feel you are requesting.

Stunning web page for your company

No templates, no free CMS like wordpress etc. We only develop custom websites. We do not work or use templates, if you are looking for that template look we are not the right fit for you. Most companies will do everything they can to try to sell you a wordpress website. Most of the time its because that is all they do. They install a wordpress CMS and buy a template for $10 and sell it to you for thousands. Why would you do this when you can have a custom website design and administration that are to fit to all your needs and budget. Custom is always better and what large corporations always use.

Do we only work with Miami based companies?

No, most of our customers are from Miami, but we are a national company. We provide several services, but most importantly we want to help you with all your needs. Besides building the website we'll help you build your brand! We give you the edge to stand out from your competition. Below are a few or our services to help you stablish your brand and make sure you are 1 step ahead of your competition.

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Over 10,000+  Web Design Projects

Experience Matters, we've been in business for 20 years for a reason!

All our work is made in the USA! We are rated A+ in the

100% build in USA We never outsource!, Headquarters located in Miami, FL

We never outsource, everything is always built in-house. We are the source!