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Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine

Custom Web Design for Florida International Magazine

Florida International Magazine, a vivid editorial that exposes readers to an unparalleled imagery and excitement content, came to us with a very different request, they want their magazine online to behave virtually like a printed one.

To accomplish this new challenge our web development team created a flash program that allow visitors to flip the current month magazine pages, print, zoom in and out and download it in a PDF format. Every new month our clients can present their new editions to their subscribers in a very easy and user-friendly way.

The website also includes a back-end administration platform that makes the process of updating and managing the entire website a very simple and easy process.

If you are in need of an original design for a website you already have or want to create contact us. Call us at 305.386.9003

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Gus, Mo and the Webdesigner Express Team are totally in tune with workflow reminiscent of days gone by. You simply cannot find a web design company with the same level of customer service and dedication to perfection anywhere in today's age. I have worked with WDE for 7 months' 5 days per week, 3-4 calls per day! Everything we wanted ~ they delivered 110%. Their attention to my needs was unbelievable. Their execution to additions and changes was next day lightning quick. My personality is difficult, because of the many changes that our marketing department requested along the way. Mo, Gus and the WDE team seemed to always solve, and surpass all of my concerns and expectations. After working together for 7 months I have a genuine respect for what they do. I genuinely felt like I was the only customer they had, like a total VIP.

Jim, Pardon Canada
Miami, Florida - USA