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Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine
Florida International Magazine

Custom Web Design for Florida International Magazine

Florida International Magazine, a vivid editorial that exposes readers to an unparalleled imagery and excitement content, came to us with a very different request, they want their magazine online to behave virtually like a printed one.

To accomplish this new challenge our web development team created a flash program that allow visitors to flip the current month magazine pages, print, zoom in and out and download it in a PDF format. Every new month our clients can present their new editions to their subscribers in a very easy and user-friendly way.

The website also includes a back-end administration platform that makes the process of updating and managing the entire website a very simple and easy process.

If you are in need of an original design for a website you already have or want to create contact us. Call us at 305.386.9003

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